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How can i cheer this dog up?

I got this dog dog from my friend who can't look after him anymore and was going to take him to the pound. I have room for him and i am financially able to keep him and look after him.....I have had dogs of my own in the past but i have never been in the situation like this as the dog is 9 years old he does recognize me as i was friendly with his owner  It breaks my heart to see it so sad

I say to my friend that he can visit him anytime he wants but would that be a cruel thing to do?

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    I work in rescue.  I have adopted some of the rescued dogs.  Some have been older, lonely and confused.

    The rescue DISCOURAGES visits from former owners.  The dogs don't understand and think the previous owner has returned for them.  It's like being separated a second time.

    I DID have a former owner show up at my house repeatedly and had to call the Police to get a restraining order.  She lost the dog due to animal abuse.

    On another topic - bless you and people like you.  The dog will be okay.  It just takes time.

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    First of all  if the dog `always `appears dejected it would be wise to get him checked out at the vets, as he may be feeling poorly for some reason.

    Usually a nice interesting walk will cheer up most dogs, but if this dog is still down in the dumps when out walking, then do take him to the vets.

    Also it would help to know if the dog is eating normally.

    Sick dogs are usually reluctant to  eat anything.

    Also how long have you had this dog in your care?

    If its just a day or two, he may just be feeling a bit bewildered at the change in his life. After all, he is not a young dog anymore.

    And no, do not allow the dogs previous owner to visit as it could upset the dog all over again. 

    Not enough info to give a more positive answer or help.

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    When doing rescue & adoption esp of fostered dogs, we try hard to do a CLOSED adoption (-aside from sending or getting photos or reports.)  It is a very confusing & stressful time for the dog & he (or she) CAN NOT and WILL NOT BOND to you or "give up hope" the owner will come back to get them - if the owner keeps turning up.  I'd wait 4-6 mo before allowing a visit.

    Up the exercise for the dog, and try to provide some play,  plus NEW toys & distractions.  We DO NOT recommend reusing old items (w/ the owner's scent).  Help the dog BREAK the attachment to the former owner (like helping somebody stop smoking by taking away 'triggers' like ash trays)- IF you are sure..... you are going to keep him.

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    Each situation like this (visiting or no) is individual but usually it's by far best if the original owner stays away, for at least a few months rather than turning up and leaving again.  Looking at that photo he looks very depressed but have you perhaps chosen a suitable photo to fit the situation?   Is he eating, enjoying walks and otherwise apparently well?   Now might be a good time to have your own vet do a complete health check just in case something else is going on with him.

    When our lot were in quarantine for 6 months (before Pet Passport) we went in every other week if only to make sure they were doing ok.  Check their weight which did fluctuate week on week and I had to keep telling them to cut back, or up the amounts.    I did wonder about the affect going in and disappearing again might have, but fact was when their kennel girl turned up, they turned away from me, looking to her...... and that hurt!! But at the same time, it was clear that they had moved on at least temporarily.   There was none of that once they were released even if they came out to completely new surroundings.

    Hopefully, provided he has a full life with you and isn't spending long hours alone now, he will come to terms with this change and be ok.

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