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Do all cars have headers or do you have to put them on yourself?

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    No, they have exhaust manifolds. Headers are usually an aftermarket item you install yourself.

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    Few cars come with headers. Putting headers on your motor will cause low end torque loss off the line.You need to put a cam in the motor to get performance from installing headers.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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    Headers are a type of exhaust manifold, usually built up from steel tubes the optimum length and inner diameter and configured so exhaust pulses can help increase intake during valve overlap. All cars have some type of exhaust manifold. My '69 Fiat had steel tube headers stock. Some other cars also come stock with them, but usually only high performance models. When I swapped Cyclone headers onto my '72 Colt, the low end torque improved a little, but it lost some top end performance. Choose your headers wisely.

  • Jay P
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    Most vehicles just have a big lump of an exhaust manifold.  Few vehicles, aside from high performance examples, come with factory exhaust headers.

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    I would truly like to know the origin of calling them "Tubular headers" instead of just exhaust manifolds.

    All cars that have infernal combustion engines have exhaust manifolds. Some come with factory installed tubular ones. It has become more common lately to decrease vehicle weight. Even my old 93 Ford ranger has what I believe is a factory installed tubular header.

    The selection of a replacement is common for gear heads. Many who buy them do so thinking they will get more power. But often the choice made is not the best one.

    By the way, getting off the self ones is not always possible. Often a car likes to be tweaked there a bit and small power gains can be made. The issue of was it worth it is often settled based on a feeling and not always on real data.

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    I have seen a couple cars with factory headers, but most have cast iron manifolds.

    I used to have a Chevy Astro van that had factory installed headers.

  • Carson
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    No, SHO Mustangs had them OEM.

    It's a.myth that USAC Camaros came with headers in the trunk.

    Nope, you get to bust your knuckles installing them. And headers all are not created equal.


    Some late 60s to 73 MOPARS, 383 Magnum, 440 Magnum and Elephants (426 Hemi) came with 'factory headers'. They were cast iron manifolds with single inlets from the exhaust ports. To the unknowing they look like cast iron manifolds.

    The primary diameter will change the torque band of an engine.

    Kinda sorta "Big I.D. is bottom end, small I.D. top end.".

    Tell me the engine, as long as it's BIG 3 GM, FORD, MOPAR, you are working on , and If i remember to look I'll give you a 1 for 1 build. 1 to 1 means 1 horsepower for 1 cubic inch. A 350 Chevy would be 350 hp when measured at the 'flywheel'.

    Or look at engine specs from the top o line performance engines from 1969.

    That will give you the pinnacle of hot, nasty hi-po engines of the 60s.

    LS7 454

    LS6 427

    LS5 454

    LT1. 350

    Yep, I'm a Chevy guy.

  • Murzy
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    8 months ago

    Headliners? yes .

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