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What is wrong with this statement if anything ?

The fact many conservatives still support Donald Trump as President of the United States of America despite all his alleged criminal conduct proven or unproven strongly reflects an ethical problem within the political right in modern society. 

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    Nothing wrong with truth.

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    Because if we didn't support him, we would have to support Hillary who denounces our entire gender and probably believes in random stuff like toxic masculinity

  • Layne
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    10 months ago

    Alleged and the ethical problem is listening to sources that slam him and the momentum gathers steam.  It is the President making up collusions (which are not true).  The same old crap anymore.

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    When you (correctly) say "alleged", and fail to distinguish between "proven or unproven" as if they were of equal weight, the objective reader cannot agree about an "ethical problem".

    It is not unethical to continue to support a person whose 'criminal conduct' has only been 'alleged'.

    Or do you in the USA not operate by the 'innocent until proven guilty' principle that we hold very dear in the UK?

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  • You make many assumptions from ignorance, and, You ignore similar acts on the other side of the isle, and, you don't even know what category to ask this in.

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    If Trump's crimes haven't been proven, then there's no problem with the ethics of conservatives, but highly unethical for the liberals who lie and accuse him of that which is unproven.

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    "Alleged" simply = an hypothesis.  To convert the allegation or hypothesis into a theory (a proven hypothesis, i.e. supported by evidence accepted in the proof system, in this case (no pun intended) criminal and civil law (U.S. Constitution, Laws, Codes, and Statutes)), there are theologians, scientists, art connoiseurs, etc.--whoever is generally esteemed as expert judge--and in this case, the U.S. Senate, who evaluate alleged violations, i.e. prosecutorial charges brought by the U.S. House of Representatives.

    That understanding as preliminary background, it is obvious that NO "proven criminal conduct" exists--because for it to exist, it must be so judged as credible by accepted U.S. Constitution, Laws, Codes, and Statutes, by the U.S. Senate.

    In other words, all of the alleged *proven* [the use of this word is wrong until the time the U.S. Senate decides that such alleged proof meets legal standards] or unproven [all House of Representatives' allegations are hypotheses, therefore all are not proven] do nothing towards removing the accepted U.S. legal standard of "innocent until *proven* guilty, which is totally under the purview of the U.S. Senate.

    It is obvious that logic and the Constitutional procedures for impeachment are being wildly and even totally distorted by the question.  

    As for the "strong reflecting" of the conduct of the "political right" [actually, any logical part of the politicized legal spectrum], it might be hypothesized that such "wait and see" for the Senate's judgment reflects good ethical behavior on the part of the political right :-)  Another hypothesis--that whomsoever's political "ox" is being harmed, may be either virtue-signaling per "wait and see," or, in the present situation, and specifically on the part of the "political left," such latter folks are engaging in very questionable legal behavior, conducting a "show trial" for political campaign benefits, also to appease their "unethical" far left base, etc., and presumably because they strongly disagree with the current President's agenda and policies--this latter may well indicate that the charges are more intended to devalue and limit the policies, by removing a sitting President who establishes them.

  • 10 months ago

    The problem is not confined to the political right.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Bill Clinton enjoyed strong support from the political left throughout his impeachment.  Clinton's crime was not "alleged", it was a well-documented case of perjury, a serious felony within our judicial system.  Does that suggest an ethical problem with the political left?

    The answer in both cases is NO.  Because Trump and Clinton are imperfect, because they screwed up, doesn't mean the political base will abandon them.  Nor is it suggestive of  lack of ethics.  It is a measure of loyalty from the base.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    LOL and you ignorant fvckers tried to elect hillary,...the irony

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