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How I remove the smell off this antique tapestry?

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    10 months ago

    First , it ain't antique.  It is just an old style picture rug. Certain rug stores have them and you can find them at Second hand stores occasionally.  If it is something you LIKE, that is all that matters.  Sometimes those rugs are hung on the wall like an oversized picture.  Not to be walk on.

    You say it stinks yet you don't say the kind of smell.  No matter.

    Get a Plant misting bottle from a dollar store with the pump trigger and adjustable a clear plastic bottle.

    .  Now go to the grocery store and buy White Vinegar. I buy a gallon because it is useful for cooking and for getting rid of odors.  Now pour the vinegar into the misting bottle and make sure when you pump it out comes a fine mist.  Now the carpet can lay on the floor or you can make a temporary clothes line indoors so you can do both the same time.

    .   Now stand back a foot or 2 from the carpet and spritz it with the vinegar mist and pretend you are spray painting  it and do it  all.  Do both sides.  Now leave it alone for at least 24 hours to dry from the tiny vinegar droplets that landed on it.   When it is completely dry, it will not smell of vinegar or anything else.  It has 0 odors and 0 perfumes.   If the odor is still there, then it might need a second going over, for it might be cat pee.  But am pretty sure there won't be any odors at all.

    Do NOT DILUTE THE VINEGAR.  THE STUFF IN THE BOTTLE is not pure vinegar.   It is 15% vinegar and 85 water.  That is what the manufacturers deem as pure.

    It won't damage the picture or fade the colors.  It does nothing.

    It is the cheapest and fastest way to get the odor out completely.


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