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Should I continue Chorus?

Been doing Chorus since 3rd grade,always loved the stage. Now, I'm a freshman from high school and Choir kills me. My school  and choir is mostly African American, and I'm white. I don't have the right sound, I'm not soulful. People always look at me and treat me like I'm stupid and weird, even the teacher. I've never been told I'm a good singer, except by family. I try out for every audition, the most I've gotten is a back-up. I used to love music and had a passion for it, but now I don't.  3 girls control everything. They took a 400$ workshop and the teacher treats them like seniors and pretty much lets them be in charge, because he likes them better. They made every audition throughout middle and elementary school. Choir makes me hate myself. I can't be as good or skilled as them, I don't fit in, and to top it off..I have gross motor skills, so I really struggle with conducting, keeping the beat,and my piano skills. I'm one of the only plus sized girls there,also ugly, so people avoid me. I don't feel any unity doing choir. I just see competition and every girl trying to be better than the others or in control. I hate it. I want to love music again, but I can't. All I see is the people who are better, who are my so-called friends, completely ditching me because I'm not as good as anyone else. I want to cut my vocal cords sometimes. I used to love writing parodies, but that's been ruined for me. Problem is, I can't switch because I got to a out of zone arts school.


I don't get support from anybody in there, just disappointed looks. I barely talk to anyone there because they all have their own friend groups. Also, I'm a bit weird so not everyone likes to have me around, and I respect that. All I do is stack the chairs or clean up trash, that's my favorite part of class, honestly. Just stacking the chairs.

Update 2:

The thing is, if I leave the choir, I have to go to the HORRIBLE school in my zone, IF I don't make another art program

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  • Tony B
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    8 months ago

    It doesn't sound like there's anything good about it for you. What would be the advantages in NOT leaving?

  • Faithe
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    8 months ago

    Take singing lessons.

    Meanwhile, at chorus, don't think about the controlling girls or about the conductor showing favoritism, or about if you're singing backup or have a solo. Think about the song you're singing and the sound of the harmony and just get into the music.

    See if both of these things help. If they don't, then when this chorus session is up, don't sign up for it again: check out some community choruses by attending rehearsals and find one you'd feel comfortable in.

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