To Californians: If CA became independent, would you choose to take California citizenship or retain US citizenship?

In this scenario, California found a loophole to allow CA to secede from the US, independence sentiment in CA was strong and the US Congress would be fine with CA leaving as it meant less Democrats in Congress.

California chose to seek independence in order to better implement gun control legislation, introduce an Australian style universal healthcare system, implement environmental protection policies and not pay so much to the US Federal Government.

If you had the option to either switch your US citizenship to California citizenship (but forfeit the right to live elsewhere in the US freely) or retain US citizenship (but leave California within a 2 year period), which would you choose?

Note: as a California citizen, you could move to the US and seek US citizenship but you'd have to do so by going through the US immigration process.

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  • 1 year ago
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    I suppose I'd have to live wherever I could get enough food to eat.

    Without California Democrats, the U.S. might adopt such draconian immigration policies that its farms would not be able to function and it would not be able to produce enough food.

    But California has less farmland per person (because it has a higher population than any other state, and because much of its land is desert), and the farmland that it does have is good for growing some crops, but not others. For example, it would probably have to import wheat from Canada and apples from the U.S. -- if the U.S. had the workers necessary to harvest the apples.

    If the countries each allowed food imports from the other, so CA could produce the crops that require lots of immigrant workers and the U.S. could produce the crops that require lots of land or cold weather, then everything could go well. But if we got into a trade war, there could be many deaths. Either way, the economies of Mexico and Canada could benefits, because California and the U.S. would import food from them.

  • 1 year ago

    I would move - in fact we have already looked around at other states. Two things keep us here. The weather and our kids and their kids.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I already have dual citizenship (USA/Canada).  So, I'd probably try to see if I could do the same for CA and the USA.

    That being said, CA will not become independent (nor will any other state anytime soon).  Despite what some pundits would have you believe, the overwhelming majority of Californians don't want CA to be independent.  And even if they did, Congress would have to approve secession...and, yeah, that's NEVER going to happen.

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