Cartoon TV Show: I have a vague memory of a cartoon show with planets and massive white space ships. Please help me find it.?

As said before, my memory of it is very vague and I can only give a little bit of information. I've totally forgotten most of the show, but I have this feeling of wanting to know the name of the show. The intro scene of the movie Star Wars Rogue One reminded me of it somehow. A grassy planet and some big white sort of space ships. My best guess is that it once aired on Nickelodeon but it could be Cartoon Network. I've tried researching myself, but unfortunately I was unable to find the show I was looking for. It had a very Star Wars like theme though, as far as I remember. The big white space ships are like what I remember the most. Does anyone happen to know which show I'm talking about?


I believed it aired roughly 10 years ago.

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  • 2 months ago

    Yikes, my apologies for the typos. It's definitely somewhere in the 2000s.

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