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First time smoking weed?

So I’m thinking about smoking weed for the first time. And yes I’m older than 18 (24). I was think on getting a gram and a pipe. That way I only smoke a little at a time. Smoke maybe one or two puffs and see how it hits me then smoke more after 15 - 20 mins of nothing happens. And I was going to do it alone at home. Does this sound like a ok plan for smoking first time or should I do something else?


So, any tips if I start tripping balls?

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    Yeah smoke it alone best to have a few puffs of a joint first or a small toke from a pipe iv seen people get made anxiety and  vomit on the first time after ripping back fat bongs .

  • Andy C
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    10 months ago

    You're going to hear a lot of psuedo knowledge on this subject. Probably including me.

    Addiction occurs when a substance elicits a large dopamine response and in order to save the lives of the dopamine pathway neurons, the brain starts shutting down some of them.

    Pretty soon, the brain is making too little dopamine and requires assistance from the substance in order to 'make ends meet'.

    This is what creates the dependency on a particular substance...or action.

    Since THC is an agonist of serotonin (which does not down regulate like dopamine), one can not get chemically addicted to THC.

    Same goes for LSD and psilocybin.

    However, THE ACT of taking the drug CAN become addictive.

    Nicotine, alcohol, fructose, opiates and cocaine all create the dopamine imbalance and thusly addiction (and typically, death).

    THC has been shown to shrink the PFC and corpus callosum of developing brains. At 24, yours is probably just beginning to finish.

    A good time and substance to try.

    Source(s): I can't smoke pot. My endogenous cannabinoids are too high all the time and it takes only a small amount of THC for me to 'OD' (psychological and not deadly). "The Hacking of the American Mind " by Dr. Robert Lustig M.D, M.S.A. The book is about the current state of the American people...and biochemically why it is so very bad and why people choose to medicate with MJ and other drugs.
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    Don't do it it could turn into an addiction

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    Most people don’t feel anything their first time smoking. I did, but that’s because for me it was medicinal. 

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