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Is it bad if I straighten my hair in March, May and then June?

Is it bad if I straighten my hair in March and then May and then June?? I only straighten my hair once a year for my birthday but this year I have prom and graduation so idk if it’s going to damage my hair.

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    8 months ago

    Try Brazillian blow out? Last up to 2-3 months. 

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    8 months ago


  • If we're talking about permanent straightening, any chemical treatment that you do to your hair can damage it. Get it done in March then wait a few months at least and get the roots touched up. If they apply the straightening treatment to all of your hair after doing so that the first time, then chemical straightening can damage your hair.

    If we're talking about straightening your hair with flat irons regularly, you should use a heat protector on your hair before using the flat irons. Also use a deep conditioner regularly to help keep your hair looking healthy,

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    Well when you apply heat to your hair it causes damage it should be fine if you take the precautions of protecting your hair but keep in mind that an iron regardless can damage your hair  try using the lowest heat setting.

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