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Can a 4.5 (.177 Cal) air gun pellet Going 250Fps Hurt Someone?

Im thinking about getting an air pistol with the details from above. I dont think I have the Balls or will power to kill someone no matter who they are, but I just want something for self defense to weaken someone or stop them if they broke into my house. Can a .117 Cal Air pellet going 250fps hurt someone?


Keep in mind Im not too familiar with guns at all. So please Dont say “If you shoot him in the eye, you might penetrate...” Im lucky if i get a body shot at best lol

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    For self defense that is a bad idea.  You might get lucky & put out an eye, but other than that you'll just piss them off.  There is actually a school of thought that a 9mm is unreliable for self defense; I don't adhere to that theory, but definitely do not get a pellet gun if your object is defending your castle. 

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    Are tasers an option where you live? If they are legal you should look into that, and if not there are non/less lethal options that are more effective then a pellet gun.

    For example, beanbag rounds or something like that. I'm no expert, but if you Google non-lethal or crowd control weapons you should be able to find what you're looking for.

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    A corollary to ' never bring a knife to a gunfight' is ' have enough gun'.

    You don't.

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    I will hurt enough to really piss them off enough to rip the gun out of your hand and shove it up your @ss. Not every home intruder is going to be a snowflake. A little sting of pain is not going to stop them and will only enrage them.

    Using a weapon is pointless unless it will have some chance of physically stopping them.

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    8 months ago

    Guns are very dangerous. Amazon will stop selling them soon as they are banned.

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    Maybe you should consider another type of defense. Pepper spray is effective in most cases ( a gun isn't 100% effective either ). You can buy it in a two pack, a small one to carry on you and a larger one with a sticky spray and UV dye to keep at home. You can also get training spray to practice with. There is a proper way to use it effectively.

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