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Should I look for another job? How should I respond or approach this situation?

I am a recruiter at my new job. My boss at my new job has me inputting info into an excel spreadsheet that she created. The spreadsheet was suppose to consist of a formula that allows dates to auto populate but it was not working properly. She asked me to reach out to the IT guy, the hr coordinator and random people to create this formula. I did reach out to those people and my past peers that are good at formulas as well as googled and youtubed, but I sit in the front office and I am constantly interrupted.( I was just starting to figure it out). My boss, my peer and me go out for lunch. My boss had my peer describe her as a boss and when my peer was done, my boss asked me did I have any questions.I ask my boss can she show me the formula and I can recreate it from there. She said no. That being I was an HR Manager for 4 years that is something she expected me to know and that I should network to find the answer (which I did) and that they hired me cuz they thought I was the right person for the job and if she has to hold my hand while doing that, her thought process is, then I am not the right person for the role. In the car on the way home, she asked me what I need from her as a leader and is there anything she is doing that I would like for her to differently. It pissed me off because I told her what I needed in the restaurant. If I am going to tell her what I need and if she deems it not worth her time to show me, then what is the point of me telling her what i need?


I also wanted to add, I figured out how to do the formula and I have since completed the excel spreadsheet.

Update 2:

I also wanted to add, I have made a note to take classes or get help creating formulas in excel to develop myself.

Update 3:

Also note, youtube did the not work on the company laptop because of their firewall, so I had to watch youtube on my phone. My boss and I was suppose to sit down one on one to gage my understanding, but that never happened instead all three of us went to lunch which I guess was our sitdown.

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    You sound like an entry level clerk not someone who is was an hr manager for 4 years.

    - you asked someone in the middle of a business lunch in a restaurant to work on an excel formula?  That is so odd.  "OK manager, right here at the table, not even looking at an excel file, tell me the formula"  huh?

    - when your supervisor asked you what she could do better as a manager when working with you, the answer was suppose to be something more global that will improve the working relationship overall, not "give me the answer to the excel formula".

    Back to the formula:

    - you don't need youtube to figure out the formula.  I use google all the time to help with formulas and to be honest, the youtube tutorials are so drawn out and boring.  So much easier to read a webpage that shows exactly what is happening and you can scroll up & down.  With youtube, you have to stop the video, then pick the section you need to re-watch, etc.

    It's really difficult to tell your previous work experience or your skills.  But it doesn't seem like this is a job for you.

    Additional notes:

    - when you post anonymously and then respond to someone's question as yourself (not anonymous), we know who you are. 

    - The supervisor expects you to be able to work independently and not be so timid that you are afraid of your own shadow.  If she knew that you were afraid to drive on the interstate, that she probably wouldn't have hired you.

    - What are you going to do to improve your independence ASAP?

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    This sounds as if it's not the right job for you all the way around.

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