what is type of RAM?

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  • 12 months ago

    YA is goofed up as this in auto repair.

    But RAM is like (touch the front of your forehead...If I as what is 2+2.  Without thinking the answer is 4  That is your up to date readily accessed memory.

    Now, if I asked who was your third Prime Minister of your country?  You know you were taught it in history class many years ago and you are thinking while your mind searches the memory banks way at the back of your neck, under the hair somewhere before you come up with the answer. That is ROM or stored memory.   Your whole head is stored memory and only a sliver is RAM.     Think of your mind like a giant warehouse and you drive forklift around in there to get memory packets to bring up to the RAM for a minute for you to reply.  Then that memory packet gets taken out of the RAM and stuffed back into its place in the warehouse...as you bring up something else to the RAM.   RAM is instant memory but as soon as the computer is shut off, the RAM is wiped clean.  Anything stored is in the Harddrive or ROM.

    Best as I can explain it.  You have to think that way...to understand it.

    Better to Google it because I am remembering from 1975 so even before this existed.  I think you want SDram & DDRram.  Also what a bit is and what a byte is.

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    1 year ago

    Since you have posted your "question" in the category for cars & transportation, A RAM is a brand of light duty trucks and vans manufactured by Chrysler Corporation.  

  • 1 year ago

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