Do Shias only accept Shia hadiths & reject Quran & other Books (Torah/Gospel)?

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    8 months ago
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    Generally speaking, Shi'ites maintain a more critical approach to hadith studies than Sunnis, finding fault in many ahadith that most Sunnis would accept as reliable or authentic. While Shi'ites do not reject ahadith from Sunni collections altogether, they do approach those collections with an additional degree of caution, since they are notorious for producing errors and outright fabrications. Overall, the Shi'ite approach is more critical of each narration's source and its chain of narration, but also the content of any given narration; anything that is in contradiction with the Qur'an, human reason, basic morality, or demonstrable facts can be dismissed as unreliable or false. Additionally, Shi'ites take into consideration the historical, political, and religious context a narration may have originated from, which could either reveal it as potential fabrication or a corruption of whatever was originally said. At the same time, Shi'ites are of the persuasion that ahadith should be continuously reassessed and reexamined, even when past scholarship has determined a narration to be sound and reliable, since we are all capable of making mistakes and do have our own personal biases. In other words, Shi'ites recognize the limits of human ability and take steps to mitigate its limitations. Unlike Sunnis, who will claim that anything contained in a particular collection is reliable and authentic (i.e. sahih) and that the weak narrations, errors, and fabrications never made the cut, Shi'ites will keep both reliable and unreliable narrations on record, state their opinions in regards to their authenticity, and then allow others to assess them for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

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    I am Shia and we believe in Holy Quran , hadith and sunnah of Prophet Muhammad , and everything of the Ahlul Bayt most notably Nahjal Balagha of Imam Ali . 

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    well if any m uslim is worth their selves as muslims, they HAVE to accept the Quran as it is and not add or take away anything.. Allah/God says this.... ‘’We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption). (Al-Hijr –Stone land-:9) :................... if any muslim claims to reject any part of the Quran, (Allah forbid), then they are calling Allah a liar.... no muslim would ever do this....

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    Shiah believe in Al Quran and the Holy Ahlulbayt of Prophet Muhammad , the last Messenger of Allah (May Allah be pleased with them all.) . This believe is based on the order of the Prophet , before his demise.

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