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Recommend me some story based PS4 games?

I’m waiting for cyberpunk 2077 and last of us part 2 to come out so I need to distract myself. I’ve played last of us, god of war, horizon zero dawn, tomb raider, persona 5, Quantic dream games, supermassive games, borderlands 3, resident evil 2, uncharted lost legacy, mortal kombat and injustice 1 & 2. So a lot lol

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    Have you tried life is strange or what happened to Edith finch. Those games are more like visual novels than games so it’s mostly story driven. 

    What about red dead redemption 3. South Park keeps talking about it. Speaking of South Park, there’s the fractured but whole. 

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    Maybe try Red Dead Redemption 2?

  • Kyle
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    10 months ago

    assassin's creed is a great franchise.  start with the first one if you can.  it has great open world game play, good combat, and great graphics.  

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