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Looking for new break pads for my 2012 cls63?

Hello, I just purchased a 2012 CLS 63 however I need to get new brake pads for the front and back in order to pass New York inspection. Ive been looking on for pads as they seem to have great prices but im really having trouble choosing the right pads for me. I also don’t know whether or not I should go with ceramic or a semi metallic pads because of the colder climate that I live in and how that would affect stop performance. With this car I drive it pretty hard, accelerating and stopping hard quite often. I was going to buy Centric pq pro semi metalic pads however I didn’t hear such good things from reviews on other forums. Rockauto also has Powerstop z26 carbon fiber ceramic performance pads as well, which seem quite good as they are listed as a step above the centric pq pro pads that they list as premium pads. However, rockauto only has the z26 pads for the front and not the rear, not sure if its a good idea to go with Powerstop z16 ceramic pads in the rear with z26’s in the front. Does anyone have a suggestion for what pads might be reasonable for my purposes. I’m not looking to buy oem pads as they are ridiculously expensive. Looking to spend $150 more or less in total for new pads all around.

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    Replace your brake pads with the same types that come on it from the factory. For example, semi-metalic pads are installed for a reason. If you switch from semi-metallic to ceramic, you will notice an increase in stopping distance and you'll have to apply more braking pressure. Switching friction formulas should only be done if you're having specific issues. Aside from the formula, the second more important feature is the backing plate. Since backing plate rust is the single most common cause of early brake pad failure, you want a pad with galvanized steel backing plates and an NRS retention system. See this post on backing plates

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    If you look on eBay right now and put 2012 cls63 brake pads into the search you'll see several pairs of them for about $125

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    You might want to search for 'brake pads', not break pads.

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    you could try amazon, they sell everything there

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    you could try and see if amazon has them since they have everything

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