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Why does my landlord always freakout in the month of December?

Rent is due on the first of the month but I know legally I have until the 6th of the month. I always pay on the 6th of the month.

On the 6th I have an urgent care appt for my son and couldn't make the office to hand over my rent that I have bought a money order.

When I got home after the appt around 6:30. I got home and had a letter in my door saying you have 5 days to pay your rent or you are evicted.

This doesn't happen at any time of the year except in the month of December.

Is it because he thinks the tenants are going to spend their money on Christmas presents and then pay later? Well, i'm all set with Christmas.

I've been here for 12 years so it's not like I have a history of missing months.


Thanks, everyone for your responses. It was a help to remind me the importance to pay on time and I have gotten used to paying late which is not a good idea. So i'm going to try to do better. I don't want him to kick me out. 

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    Long time LL with a different opinion if I had a long time tenant who pays by the 5th for 12 years assuming no expensive renovations and obviously  no vacancy in those 12 years to have steady rent I would have personally reached out to the tenant before the threatening letter

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    How do you know this only happens in Dec. if you always pay it on the 6th? Probably happens to all who pay after the 6th.

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    It's not freaking out. It's smart business, taking action as soon as you can.

    Never mind the fact that you are a liar. It only happens in December, but you don't have a history of missing months? Both of those cannot be true.

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    Rent is DUE on the first. Any payment after that is LATE. You consistently pay late.  The landlord has taken the first step in the eviction process by issuing you a Pay or. Quit notice.

    He is covering his butt in case you do, indeed, spend your rent money on Christmas gifts.

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    It would irritate me too. Why don't you pay your rent on the due date? That's what a due date is for.

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    He's not freaking out.  He's trying to wake you up.  You are regularly paying your rent LATE.  You deserved what you got and he means business.  Grace days means only that he has the option of accepting your payment.  He can also choose to evict you when he does not have your payment on the first.   Due on the first means just that - DUE ON THE FIRST.

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    The six days is a courtesy, not a legal requirement in any state. Rent is late on the second, period. You are a habitual late payer.

    Pay your rent on or before the first so it won't happen again in any month.

    Businesses have a number of taxes due on January first so it behooves them to collect what is contractually obligated to them.

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    cause he thinks people are going to use their money for christmas gifts

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    You might have miscounted. It is common to give tenants a grace period to pay rent, but most of the time that extends to the 5th, not the 6th. Thus you habitually paying on the 6th could have been bothering him for a long time, then your failure yesterday was the final straw. I am only suggesting you reread your original lease to make sure your math is correct.

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    The notice means you have to pay rent. You have the money to pay rent, so pay it. You will also have to pay the late fee. I don't understand point of the question.

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