Can I use these scales in the key of C?

I know that the key of C major contains the chords Dm, Em, F, and G; the question is, can I use the Dm, Em, F, and G scales in this key as well? I'm new to music so answers in laymen's terms would be great.


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  • martin
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    10 months ago
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    Yes, go ahead and use notes within the C major scale. If you'll notice, on a piano, the chords and notes you're talking about are all white keys.

  • 10 months ago

    Sure! In C, it is common for the middle section to be in F - so using that Bb note of the F scale when leaving C (like in a C7 chord) helps glide you there.  Coming back to C - you can use a D chord (D7 - D F# A C) to get you to a G or G7 chord - and you are back in C.  Same deal with using the other chords - just takes more explanation . . .

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