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I am probably a moron for thinking "reality t.v." is real but I have been watching "Life Below Zero," about life in Alaska, and the gun ?

Choices of the Hailstone Family (Him, white, her, Inuit) confuse me. Chip, the man assaulted a cop and can't have a gun. Their main gun is a 7.62 x 54mmR Moisin-Nagant rifle with a weak 3x scope tricked out to look like a WWII Soviet Sniper rifle. They live in a place supplied by bush pilot. Why wouldn't you want a rifle in .30-06 or some bullet you can buy anywhere? Secondly, his daughter got some money, and she bought her first gun---a Mini-14 in .223, which they show her shooting across a river at Caribou. WTF?  I assume the normal rifle to have in Alaska would be a bolt action, plastic stock, stainless steel, .30-06 or .300 Winchester Magnum with a 3x-9x scope. Why do they have these (to me) bizarre weapons if their food supply depends on hunting?

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    Wait for Glacierturd to come along and type 100,000 nonsensical words that are mostly lies. You won't get an answer to your question, but his gibberish is sometimes entertaining.

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    Do not let your heart be troubled...just don`t watch the show or try to identify with one of the characters. Simply tune your mental mode to "roughin` it" and the Mosin Nagant 7.62x54r/WWII scope will no longer remain exotic. 1000`s of canned rounds are not exactly that. 

    I have a Mini-14 and would be hard to ID from a 6.8 SPC or 7.62x39 (Mini-30) unless the TV show made a specific point to bring that out...furthermore, how wide was the river? Also, 6.8SPC or 7.62x39 or .223 may be legal in Alaska although I agree a bit light for caribou. I have not used nor heard the word "bizarre" in a while but going back to the mode of providing food with what you have to harvest it with or play the hand you`re dealt would be better stated. IMHO

    The TV series did a show of Naked and Afraid near me (Louisiana swamp in the month of March) and I could rip it to shreds with facts vs bullsh!t. The naked couple could not find food but watched the animals feast. If a person couldn`t find food in a Louisiana swamp...they`re not looking very hard. I`m not exactly criticizing your analogy but if you take a closer look at ALL of the reality shows you will eventually quit them and your entertainment is shot as well.

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    It's probably just a T.V. show. They might not even live there. Either way if it's staged they will give them loads of supplies and food its just not seen on the show. Think about like this, everybody's heard of a .30-06 this 30-06 that and everything but its not common that people hear of a exotic caliber like 7.62 x 54mmR, and compared to an ordinary bolt action rifle they show a semi-auto combat rifle. It's not regular hunting in a way. Sure they might shoot and kill an animal but it will probably end up getting donated or something like that. That family probably isn't a real family either by the way. I'm sorry to break it to you but that show is as fake as a decoy duck.

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