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What do geologists do?  And who employs them?

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    We help understand natural processes in an effort to allow proper planning of land use for some purpose.  The details can vary considerably.  Employment is dominated by resources extraction companies (oil and gas, metals, and construction materials such as gravel and sand or crushed rock) or by environmental and engineering firms or consultants. So we can work on anything from "how can I get good drinkable water for my house in the woods" to "where is there niobium that we need for electronics" to "how should we build this road so it lasts?" to "what do we have to do to clean up this contaminated groundwater so it will stop spreading the contamination?".

    We do lots of stuff.  Jacks of all trades type of people, really. 

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    Geologists are rock stars. The oil industry employs them.

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