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Do co-ops give you time to get your gpa up if it falls below the required minimum ?

I was given an offer letter by a company saying that they want to hire me. Part of the requirements though is that my gpa is above 3.0 (which it was when they interviewed me and I sent them the documents by email) however this simester my gpa is likely going to fall below a 3.0 but I still have to go through a background check and get a drug test so I’m wondering if they’ll ask for my transcript again after it fell below a 3.0 and it’s too late in the semester to drop the class that’s bringing my gpa down. So will the co-op still higher me if it dipped just a little 

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  • 10 months ago

    If one course drops your GPA below 3.0, you were pretty marginal to begin with. And if the co-op requires GPA "above 3.0," you no longer qualify.

    You need to learn more than the subject you're having trouble with. Hire vs higher - you should have learned the difference between those homonyms in elementary school, certainly by 5th/6th grade.

  • Laurie
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    They are interested in your CUMULATIVE GPA, not your semester GPA.

    If your cumulative is below 3.0, you probably shouldn’t be working until you get it up.

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