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A church function to give people utility bill assistance and food in Fort smith?

After giving the priest a pamphlet about the crime rate in Fort Smith and told him that this is worse than Philadelphia...

I got permission, a month to find security.

So I went to the local cross fit gyms, and asked around if anybody has a Black belt in martial Arts.

I found 6.

I told them that I need help in Fort Smith..

My church has the plan on visiting Fort smith to hand out utility vouchers and food for the poor in Fort Smith.

Here's the deal..

Fort Smith is worse than Philadelphia, Pennsylvania per capita..

And the poor are the problem there with the crime.

And we need temporary security..

I can give out $1,500 a man.

We need security against these activities.

Physical Violence towards our parishioners.

Anti Religion, ideological Motor mouths.. Some tough guy, a wise acre.. a big mouth.

Somebody who uses his freedom of speech to attack the religious with.

Robbery attempts.

Threats of physical violence.


Any questions ?

One of them asked what to do about the motor mouths...

I said that what you do with an insulting motor mouth...

Is to take this bell... Put it on the counter..

And smash his head as hard as you can..onto the bell... 10 times..

Each time the bell rings, you verbally repeat his insult.


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  • blank
    Lv 6
    8 months ago

    Brillant plan!  Way to completely undermine your church's efforts AND image with what sounds like your illegal means to knock a few heads around. 

    IF you can affort $9,000 (1.5K x 6 men) for "security" that you just want to encourage to rough up people you clearly have issues with - why not just take that 9K down to the local utility companies and pay off electric, heat, phone, etc bills in needy neighborhoods on be half of your church?

    Seems a better, less violent, way to help others - but then again you don't get to satisfy your incredibly petty "get even" motivations.

  • ricky
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Your church must be real proud of you, not.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Your "plan" supports illegal activity.

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