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Does this sound like depression?

I’m a senior in high school. I’ve got close friends, a loving family, good grades and a bright looking future. I feel like my life sounds really perfect. I just don’t feel that way. It seems like every day I’m so disconnected from everything and that I have no control over what happens to me. I feel like I can never do anything right and that I’m the worst at everything. All I ever want to is just stay in bed and cry all the time. I’ve never really talked to anyone except my mom about these feelings because I guess I’m kind of ashamed of them. My mom said it might be depression but maybe it’s just apart of growing up as an emotional teenage girl. She said if I think it’s serious we could look into finding a therapist but I’m honestly not sure what I think. Am I overreacting?

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    Yes. And you're so lucky your mom cares. See the therapist. Good luck.

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    Only a doctor can diagnose, but a depression screening test can shed some light on your problem. KADS 6-Item is designed for screening teenagers.

    I often mention self-help methods, for a number of reasons. It's not unusual for therapists to recommend this. A psychiatrist has said, "You've got to do some homework." There are simple stress reduction things that are especially good for preventing cases of depression, and they can also help you recover from depression. These things are very good for teenagers, who tend to have more difficulty with therapy than adults.  Also, many doctors are reluctant to prescribe the medicine for teens.

    You can talk about these things with your mother and your doctor.

    Of all the basic lifestyle choices, the one with the best evidence is exercise, and you don't have to be an athlete to benefit from it. Research shows that when people suffering from depression go for long walks with friends, this is very therapeutic (source - the lifestyle-depression project at the University of Kansas). Things that take your mind off your problems for a while, like a funny movie, are helpful, as long as you don't let them dominate you.

    Of all the traditional Asian methods (meditation, tai chi, etc.) the one with the best evidence for helping people with mood problems is controlled breathing.This is safe and requires no training.   I have information about therapeutic breathing recommended by psychiatrists Brown and Gerbarg and PTSD therapist Emma Seppala in my answers. 

    Treatment usually begins by seeing the GP, who can give you a physical and a referral. I mention referral because just a bottle of pills is not a very good approach.

    The things you'd want to tell the doctor are how you feel at different times of day, any symptoms you might have such as change in appetite or sleep, and things in your life affecting how you feel.

    I should mention that sometimes doctors are reluctant to diagnose people your age, and you might want a second opinion.

    If you're depressed, I can't tell you exactly what you need. There's no one size fits all solution. I can tell you though that there are healthy lifestyle choices that can enhance the effects of the standard treatments with office visits. This answer has details, under DEPRESSION TREATMENTS -


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    You are depressed, but I feel that it’s just a phase. We all went through the same thing, and the best thing you can do is to just smile! :)

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