cousin relationship sucks. I'm not mad though.?

Senior year I had my own idea of what I wanted for myself. I was going to go THIS college, and join THESE clubs, etc. But in the midst of endless stressors of balancing high school and my future in college, I went blank. In this vulnerable state, my cousin (who is in the same class) convincd me to go to the same school as her. At the time we were pretty close and we had a very good relationship.

Near the end of first college semester, I realized that I do not want to be at my school. I want to go to my plan now that I feel clear headed. My cousin is really rude and act like she does not care all the time. It is worse because we are in the same dorm (along with two other roomies), and she is always their center of attention. Speaks highly of THEIR experiences or make future comments fantasizing about each other and their majors in my face. Verbally excluding me. I understand she is happy and trying to find herself, but bro. 

I don't care to be left behind, but I do care about how one decides to emancipate themselves. She gives me smart comments, she abandoned me at the library at 2 am without a phone even though she asked me to walk her there, I was visibly depressed at one point during the semester nd she never asked me if I was okay and her tone around me would change. 

I guess I feel sad because when we were in our hometown, she seemed like one of my better friends. now that we are in college, she is an asshole. Now I'm transferring schools, and doing what I want to do

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  • 8 months ago
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    Separate yourself from your cousin- you sound much too dependent on her- but don't throw away everything else. Make your OWN friends, find your OWN activities. I know someone who was in the same position- he went to a university at the encouragement of his cousin who was already there. It changed his life. He met his future wife and ended up living in that town permanently. Take what's good from the experience, and stop blaming your cousin. 

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