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How do you get all the nutrients we're "supposed" to to have healthy body/skin/organs/everything if you don't eat much?

Im skinny and dont eat much, and when i do I tend to get backed up, bloated, feel weighed down...

And yes i do eat foods to help constipation and even though they work, i really dont want to be eating huge amounts of food constantly. 

Any ideas? Thanks!


Also, some foods with nutrients are addictive. Such as bread. You have a slice and its hard to stop. Then you eat a whole loaf, so you cant fit the other nutrients in your stomach for that day. 

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    Its not a problem to get enough fat, protein and carbs even on a very low calorie diet. You might need a fiber and multivitamin supplement though.  You only need a low calorie diet to lose weight.  Once you lose it you go to a normal diet to maintain your weight.  

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