I can no longer find a record of my questions on yahoo answers?

I'm using an android phone.  Maybe the computer-based version is better.

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  • 1 year ago
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    What is your display showing? Your browser may have only one column. If your browser is Google Chrome, at the very top above the Yahoo Answers  title to the right of the URL address there should be either 3 vertical dots ir a red circle with an arrow init. Tap that. There should be desktop mode option. Tap that. There may also be a desktop view option. That will give the right column. What you need is the left column. To the left of the yahoo! answers logo below the URL address at the very top, there should be three horizontal lines in a box, a menu button. Tap that to get the left column. Look for "View answers profile" . Tap that. That should give you your questions list in reverse chronological order. Tap "Answers" at the top to see the questions you have answered. 

    Firefox probably has something similar. 

    Even desktop and laptop devices and browsers have to be in desktop MODE. They are automatically in desktop VIEW. We do not all see the same display. 

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    12 months ago
  • Daniel
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    1 year ago

    Switch to the Desktop Site and you will Probably be able to find it

  • I can see your questions.  Recommend you put your phone on desktop mode.

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  • Jim
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    1 year ago

    They are all still here.

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