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Why am I feeling like i'm 80 years old when i'm 26 and I been feeling like this for the past 6,5 years?

It started after I started smoking pot (again) and went on a bad bad bad trip. I couldnt feel my legs,or walk normal.. Till this day even now that i'm clean off pot.. I still cant walk ''properly'' always tired and have no energy in my voice when talking. Even though I workout and stuff.. it doesnt do much. Whats wrong?

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  • 1 month ago

    I had a "never been the same" experience from LSD a long time ago. I know a naturopathic doctor who has recently started doing homeopathic detoxes specifically for this type of thing. I'm going to be starting on it next week. I'm pretty sure he has one for cannabis too. His website is You can phone or email and ask about the homeopathic detox program.

    • John1 month agoReport

      I just sent them an email.. i'll see what they will say.

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  • 1 month ago

    Hard to guess. Would check that with a doctor though, maybe you're anemic or have some other deficiency that's behind it.

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