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can anyone tell me what’s wrong with my cat?

i adopted a cat (orange tabby, 2 years) from the shelter a couple days ago and he’s the friendliest guy. he’s extremely clingy and he was a stray when he was brought into the shelter and when i brought him home he had been recently neutered. but he seems really sick. i think he has pink eye, his eyes have water constantly running from them, he sneezes and shakes his head quite often and whenever i lift him he trembles. he’s very small (i noticed his rib cage) and he hardly eats or drinks. when he does eat he poops and i became horrified because there was blood in his stool. i’m taking him to a vet on monday but i just want to hear what you guys think could be wrong with him? 

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    It sounds like your cat is quite sick. It may have a cat virus that needs to be treated. Clean the eyes with a damp cloth, and you can also try Vetericyn for them. 

    He should never have been neutered while this sick. 

    The signs of illness are:

    -Sneezing and watery eyes

    -Low weight

    -Not eating


    -Blood in stool

    The trembling is likely due to a temperature or anemia, although severe diarrhea may cause this. NEVER give any human medicines for a fever because it can kill the cat. This cat NEEDS to be seen by the vet. In the meantime, feed him canned food-only, mixed with some water to make a soupy mixture. I know someone who offered "bone broth", using a syringe, for a sick kitten. You can also give canned pumpkin to control the diarrhea, or add a little to the food. 

    DO NOT give him any cow's milk. This will cause diarrhea and can make the sneezing and eyes worse. If you have fed any milk, stop immediately. Put him in a warm place, and don't feed any .

    If the cat is not eating, even the canned food, he may need to go to the emergency vet. Watch him closely.

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