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How to remove *** stains?

Didn’t realize this stuff stains all things fabric and doesn’t just wash out. Even though I clean it up after, I spray a lot so sometimes I miss some here and there. Not me just being lazy. How the **** do you remove this ? (Also on the off white carpet too)

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    Okay, I'll answer in good faith because it's one of those "good to know" life lessons.  What you have is a protein stain, just like egg white.  A cold prewash will lift fresh stains but a hot one, and worse yet, tumble drying, will bake it in, forever if you're unlucky.  

    The best thing to do is to scrape off what you can (prevent is better than cure and all that) and pretreat the area with any enzymatic stain treatment gel or soak it in an ammonia solution before laundering with a cold pre-wash setting.  Be sure to use a bio/enzyme laundry detergent too as an additional precaution.  Inspect the laundry before tumble drying.  Do not tumble dry before the stain is gone or you will set it.  As for the carpet pet cleaner ought to do it.

    It's altogether less bother and lighter on your wallet to plan ahead and buy in a goodly supply of tissues.

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    8 months ago

    Just catch it all in your mouth. No dribbling!

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