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What does it mean when a girl you don’t talk to looks at you during a conversation but then looks away? More details below.?

What does it mean when a girl you haven’t talked to, but knows you, doesn’t looks at you during a conversation, and she does, she looks away as if she doesn’t care but keeps talking? This same girl has said that I’m a cute person and I’m getting handsome over the years, but whenever I talked to her once, it seemed as if she was shy or just didn’t want to talk. We were in a group working together, but she only talked to one girl and when she talked to me the conversation was fast and she wouldn’t look at me. It’s hard to explain but I wish I’ve provided as much detail as possible. As a matter of fact, I like that girl. I’ve been liking her for a long time and I haven’t told anybody but my best friends, which are 3 of them. I don’t know what to do as a teenager, but I hope I can learn something. Does this mean she doesn’t like me, she does like me, she’s shy, she doesn’t want to talk, or what does this mean?

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    8 months ago

    It sounds like she does like you and feels shy around you. I sort of act that way around the guy I like.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    You possibly have bad breath and she turns her head away so she don't

    have to smell it.  Also maybe terrible body odor.

  • 8 months ago

    If you wait for an iron clad guarantee that your approach will be welcomed to start a relationship, you may never start a relationship. Ask her if she would like to hang out, or have a coke, or hit the mall or whatever people in your age group do. She will say yes, no, or maybe later. If she says no, keep looking.

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