What’s this movie ?

PLEASE bare with me, as i explain this, and i may not even be explaining the movie right. 

Anyways, there’s this movie that I’ve been trying to find the name of. The only two scenes i can remember 1. I think they might have either been a girl band or just friends(not exactly sure how many, but for sure 3 girls). They’re in a bar, and a song is playing and they start dancing on the island thing and one of the girls, dark brown/black hair, gave a guy a lap dance and possibly took something from him(that parts fuzzy, so don’t take my work for it). 

2. At the end/towards the end, they’re inside a house or apartment and they start fighting, and one of the girls is pregnant, and the pregnant girl storms out and falls down the stairs and then the ambulance come. 

3. The song “i love rock n roll” is in the movie


I AM SOOO SORRY this is long, but thank you to whoever answers this. You’d be my hero 

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