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Should i go on a 3-day vacation with my boyfriend  against my mom’s will?

I’m 18 and me and my boyfriend are planning a trip to California (he’s 20 btw) is only for 3 nights and by the time the trip day is on i will be 19 and he will still be 20. My mom is very overprotective but im tired if her telling me what can i do and what i cant. We’ve been together for a year and a half and i still don’t have permission to see him for about 5 hours.

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    I wouldn't because it will have ramifications. I think the best thing to do is to try and win over your mom's trust by showing her how responsible you are. That involves her spending time around you and your boyfriend to get an idea of how mature you are. Remember, the thing that every mother wants is to know that her children are safe so you need to demonstrate to her all the things that you are going to put in place to prevent bad things from happening. I really hope this makes sense.

    Source(s): Has your mother ever given you an explanation as to why she doesn't want you going on the trip?
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    So you are old enough you should have a job. Save money, get your own place, then you can do what you want.

    But while you live with her, she can tell you what to do.

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    You don't know him long enough. You never know what's going to happen in California and if your mother doesn't know where you are then she'll never be able to help you if you're in trouble

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    No you shouldn't. Don't be an idiot. 

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