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Why was Pearl Harbor attacked on December 7th, 1941?

On Sunday December 7th, 1941 the US Navy base at the Pearl Harbor Military Base was attacked by Japanese Warplanes. The picture below shows the USS Arizona burning in flames as smoke was coming out. Many other military bases on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii were also attacked by Japanese Warplanes on that same day that Pearl Harbor was bombed. Today is December 7th, 2019 the day to honor and remember all of the American Military members who have served and died at Pearl Harbor. Also, there were no aircraft carriers at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, there were only just gunboats, battleships, destroyers, frigates and cruisers.

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    Do you mean why did Japan attack us, or why did they attack Pearl Harbor?

    The former, because they wanted an Empire and world domination. Or, at least of the Pacific. The latter, because that was where a good portion of our fleet was, and they thought if they launched a surprise attack, they could wipe us out in one swoop where we couldn't recover. And, they almost did.

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    In the 1920s Billy Mitchell visited Japan. He saw that they were a growing aggressive nation. They beat the Russians in a war, took over Korea. He could see they were growing militarily. He predicted they would come in conflict with the USA (which grabbed the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, etc about the same time.) He predicted they would attack Pearl Harbor on a Sunday morning. He saw it coming. They took his comments and expanded on them. There were a few flaws. You can not "sink" a ship in a shallow harbor. And hitting the repair facilities and fuel supply would have done more damage. While Pearl Harbor looked bad, it really was not as bad as it looked. We were able to raise and use all but three of the ships after the attack. And funny thing, all the carriers were out to sea and undamaged.

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    Truman planned the attack on American citizens 

    in order to trick the public into getting into World War 2. 

    Don't kid yourself. Our US government 

    is just as nasty as China's or Iraq's Hussein. 

    And no, Japanese had nothing to do with it. 

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