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I got threatened today in a public library bathroom because of my shirt.?

I live in the Phoenix area, and I was wearing a t-shirt I got at Kohl's depicting an American Flag. I went into the bathroom and a guy came in behind me and asked and starting berating me calling me a Trump supporter, racist, and other nonsense. He was a young Hispanic guy. He told me if he see me out in the parking lot he's going to whip my ***. I'm 62 years old. I reported it to the library but they didn't seem interested. One of the librarians commented that maybe next time I should rethink what I wear. I am so pissed right now. Is there any action I can take?

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    You can absolutely file a police report. It's hard to say if they could find him or charge him with the information you have (I kind of doubt it), but a description of the man and what happened might be a good thing to have on file. That way, if he makes similar threats to someone else, police might recognize the pattern faster and/or possibly get more information to prevent it from escalating.

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    Yes. Take the firearms safety course and arm yourself. Arizona is an open-carry state, so you can carry a firearm concealed or wear it where punks can see it. Use the gun on a regular basis at a legal shooting range and make yourself as familiar with handling it as you can, and take a refresher safety course every so often

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    Pay no attention to his ignorance. You and 

    I know Trump is the best thing to ever 

    happen to our nation (at least in the last 100 years). 

    Sad reality, when you can't even trust

    your next-door neighbor anymore but 

    that's what New World Order planned 

    all along. 

    Anyway, the incoming generations 

    see the big-picture and will turn this 

    country around. I actually have great 

    hope for America. Once the democrats

    such as Pelosi and Biden are gone; we 

    can celebrate in peace. USA will once 

    again, become an inventive, friendly and 

    prosperous nation after 2025. 

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    Yes.  You can go eat some bran flakes so your crap goes into the toilet rather than the internet.

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