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I'm lifting weights after a long hiatus, how should I be performing sets?

I've been doing sets of 10 on my exercises to build stamina and base strength to avoid injuring myself with too much weight too early and to work on form. Tons of videos and articles seem to abound on routines but rarely any discuss how to execute. Should I be able to easily do set one and progressively work toward failure? Fail only on the last set? Often, I do set one easy, but I'll fail on set 2 between 8 and 10, then set 3 I might squeeze just 5 or 6. (10×3) would it be better to go lighter and only fail on reps 8, 9 or 10 of set 3? I plan to work to a 5x5 next month. Should i only struggle fail on set 5? Ie 5reps 5reps 5reps 5reps 3reps, or would something like 5reps 5reps 4 reps 3 reps 1-2reps be the goal? This info isn't terribly clear anywhere. I want to gain hypertrophy and strength through progressive overload, but only for health and aesthetics, not competing. Please give me guidance!

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    Every set to fail. Aim for 10-12 on first set and then what you can get from others.

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