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Had a clean break up but still feel terrible?

I started dating this guy and I thought he was perfect for me. He had literally all the qualities I wanted in a guy and he was my ideal type. A few months ago he started acting differently and he kind of got depressed so I thought I could help him and we could push through. The beginning of november he started to lose feelings for me and we just fell apart when we started to talk about our relationship at 3 in the morning while I was lying down in bed with him in his apartment. I asked if he still liked me and he said he likes me but doesn't have a burning passion for me which hurt so much. after that I asked him to take me back to my place and I cried all day the next day, and everyday until I decided to break up with him. It was mutual and we decided to be friends. I felt alright after a week but now I'm just starting to cry everyday and I feel so hurt and lonely and stressed. I really liked him a lot and I want to get back together but I don't even think that would be a good idea. How do I get over him? What do I do ? what should I do? I don't have any motivation to do anything and I keep thinking about him.

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    Ask yourself why did you guys break up with him to begin with. You said that he doesn’t have that passion feelings for you anymore. Well I never been in that situation before but you can’t control what the other person feel. My advice that there’s a possibility that it would be challenging for you to be friends with someone that you have feelings for. Keep yourself busy with whatever your passions are and whatever it is that makes you happy. Make plans with friends and family. Reorganize, paint, do something new. Get a rebound if that something you’re into. But if you feel like you want to give it another go then that’s for you to decide. Take it slow if you want. You said you liked him, you never said anything about being in love with him. It takes time, it will hurt less and less. You will eventually get over him. 

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    ok, so? that's not the whole story right?

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