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Are low priced cruises good?

I'm looking to book a last minute cruise (through NCL, which I've gone on before and had a great time)...The trip is only $189 ($500 after taxes, insurance, etc). I heard that cheap cruises aren't good because of the quality of the destinations. Is this true? Or is it only cheap because they're trying to fill the cabins?

Thank you (:

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    The only really cheap cruise I went was bad because of the hood rat passengers. Everything  else was fine.

  • 8 months ago

    I assume it's less than a week, in which case, expect a lot of drunks. Short cruise, more booze. 

  • 8 months ago

    NCL is a perfectly reputable cruise company. You can clearly see the list of ports they're going to stop in. Is this a last minute deal? In that case, it may be that you're getting a deal because the cruise isn't sold out, although $500 is not all that cheap. Is that per person for two to a room? I've done perfectly nice Caribbean cruises for less than that. They often stop at the less exciting destinations, like the Bahamas, but this time of year, it's nice to be on a warm beach anywhere! In any case, the stops are going to be the same and the food is going to be the same as it is for the people in the high-prices balcony rooms (although Norwegian tries to push you into the specialty restaurants by serving mediocre food in the dining rooms. In my experience, the food is better on Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Holland America.)

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    well, you'll likely be getting a small, inside room. probably pretty bare bones and doesn't include beverage package although that's been the trend for awhile. they should tell you the ports of call

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