SSI over payments?

We received a over payments notice from Social Security SSI for my dad, he's living in my home.  

who is responsible to repay? I'm not his representative.

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  • Judith
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    10 months ago
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    IF he has a payee then the payee would make arrangements for repayment out of your father's SSI benefit payments - just like anyone else.  If your father doesn't have a payee then he contacts social security to make arrangements.

    He has 4 choices:  1)  Contact SS and make arrangements to repay the O/P by installments.  2) File a request for a waiver IF he meets two conditions - it wasn't his fault AND he is incapable of repaying it (he must complete form SSA-632 (which you can download) and provide proof of all income and expenses) or 3) File a Request for a Reconsideration if the reason and/or the amount of the O/P is wrong. 4) If he does nothing then benefits will be withheld until the overpaid amount has been recovered.

    Why are you asking this?  He got a notice.  Read the notice.  If he wasn't responsible then he wouldn't have received the notice in the first place.  And the notice tells him what he needs to do.  

    No one is responsible other than your father and, possibly, his payee if he has one.

    Since he is living with you perhaps you could help him and make sure he reports changes he should have known needed reporting; e.g. changes in income, resources and living arrangements - all of which can impact his monthly benefit amount.

    Note:  SSI (supplemental security income) isn't social security.  It is a federal welfare program which just happens to be managed by the Social Security Administration.  It is the responsibility of any beneficiary (social security and/or SSI) to know what changes they are responsible for reporting and to report them timely - which means within 10 days of the change to avoid being overpaid.

    I was a social security claims rep for 32 yrs.

  • Foofa
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    10 months ago

    Technically he is but if he doesn't repay this it'll probably just be deducted from his future benefits.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Your Da.

    That he is living with you is your tax deduction if you are paying more than 50% of his keep.

    Have the courts declare him a bankrupt, and send him off to a "Home" for state care. Unless of course there is a sizeable estate for you to inherit, then work to pay off the claim.

  • SSI has cururption I over heard other people on SSI say they been accused of over payments then have their checks cut shorter to pay back the money owed. 

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