What should my thesis statement be for fashion in the 1920s? ?

Needs to be a 3 point thesis statement


ALSO. my teacher is very strict so it needs to be formal (I am in grade 10) 

1 Answer

  • 10 months ago

    Well it depends on the type of fashion that you want to go for. Lets say you want to write about "Flapper Style". You can make the argument of why "Flapper Style" was a progressive dress style for women but got watered down to the stereotype after decades of misunderstanding.

    You can also write about an essay about how one type of fashion effected 3 different groups of people, and how they adapted the style to suit their needs. Ex: suits the Mafia vs suits for office workers.

    Or, you can also write about fashion choices made in certain professions and how it still affects day to day life. If they are still uses, where they originated from, and why.

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