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What's happened in baseball if a player exceed another ?

For example player in first base run more fast than player in second to arrive in third, maybe couse the other wait for catch ball? Sorry for my english I am not american

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    Its against the rules for one base-runner to pass a runner who was in front of him.

    It is not just about arriving at the base, he is not allowed to pass the other runner anywhere. If one runner passes another runner, the runner that's furthest back is automatically out right there, the defense doesn't have to tag them or anything, the umpire should just call them out.

    So lets say there's a runner who starts at 1st base (R1), and another runner who starts at 2nd base (R2)

    If the batter hits the ball and R1 runs really fast but R2 waits to see if the ball is going to be caught, R1 and passes R2 somewhere between 2nd and 3rd base, then R1 is called out immediately - the moment he passes R2. The umpire doesn't wait for them to reach the next base or for the defense to tag them, R1 is out as soon as he's in front of R2 along the base path.

    You don't see this very often - especially not in professional baseball, because most players know this rule and they won't pass the runner in front of them, they'll slow down or go back to the previous base instead of passing the other runner.

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    If a runner passes a baserunner ahead of him, the umpire immediately calls him out. A play can still be made on the passed baserunner to get him out.

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