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When did women first vote in America and was this due to feminism?

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    Women have had some voting privileges, since the first colonists arrived in the new world. It was necessity, not feminism.

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    When did women first vote in America?

    In the UK, Canada & USA: 1918, 1920 and 1920 respectively

    In the UK:

     • Landless Men: 1918 (Representation of the People Act)

     • Landless Women: 1928 (Equal Franchise Act)

    In Canada:

     • Landless Men and Women: 1920 (The Dominion Elections Act)

     • Landless Adults 18 and over: 1970

    In the US, founded in 1776:

     • Landless White men: 1856

     • Landless Non-whites: 1870

     • Landless Women: 1920 (64 years after men)

     • Landless Native Americans: 1924

     • Landless Adults 18 and over: 1971

    It's a part of the 'Oath of Citizenship': "that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law." Men exchanged military service for citizenship and the right to vote. In the spirit of 'collective bargaining', what did women exchange for their right to vote?

    Should women continue to be exempt from selective service registration?

    I say, no. Not if they truly want equality. I believe that American women should register for the draft or give up their right to vote along with other rights that come with US citizenship.

    Was feminism the reason women won the right to vote?

    Partly. Perhaps the end of World War 1 was the main cause. Women's suffrage was happening worldwide in all the developed nations. The vote wasn't won/caused purely by the American feminist movement.

    Men and governments pander to women's every will but not because of the feminist movement. Women have always had power over men, men have ALWAYS answered to their beck and call since the beginning. Feminism just took advantage of man's human nature. Women have always had institutionalized power!

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    1920 and it had more to do with WWI than with feminism. Mothers argued rightfully that if they had to send their sons off to war they should at least have a voice in electing the government forcing them to.

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    1647 Margaret Brent; she owned land and was an attorney at law; was very well trusted by men and women alike.

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    "When did women first vote in America and was this due to feminism?"

    There are documented cases of women voting in colonial America.  If we are discussing America after independence than some women voted In the first year of independence presumably. In the state of New Jersey, all unmarried women who owned property had the right to vote in 1776. Each state had it's own requirements for voting Rights. And at the time of US independence, it is estimated that only 6 -11% of the entire population (men and women included) met the requirements to vote.

    And no, feminism had  nothing to do with any of that.

    The often repeated fallacy is that no woman voted in the US until 1920. But that was simply the year that the 19th amendment harmonized the voting laws for all states into one single bill that allowed all men and women to vote with the same requirements in the entire US.  The suffragette lobby played a hand here in getting common women that previously did not meet the requirements, the right to vote without any corresponding military duty like the men were obligated to.  These suffragettes are not "feminists" in the sense that they were a one issue group, unlike feminism which today is a full on dogmatic ideology that follows cultural Marxism and the political neo-Left.


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    All American women could vote due to feminism and the Civil Rights Movement. Before then, only women in upper-class circles had the opportunity to vote. Still, it was a very small handful of affluent women who had this privilege. 

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    Lydia Taft voted in colonial America in 1756.  It’s possible other women voted before that, but it’s not recorded.  voting rights continually expanded.  New Jersey allowed any land owner the right to vote, male or female when it became a U.S. state in 1776.  

    This predates feminism, so feminists can’t take the credit there.  In early America, most people were not eligible to vote.   Voting rights continually expanded for everyone, not just women.    

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    they got the vote in Wyoming in the 1800s

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