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Can anyone please explain the ending of The Good Place (series finale) to me?

The show was left open-ended. They woke Chidi up to see if he could find an answer to their dilemma, but when he opened up his old note, it said, 'there is no answer... but the answer is Eleanor.' So does that mean that they and all of humanity were just wiped out? Did Chidi just believe that there was no way out, but at least his finial moment will be with the person he loved? It seemed a bit dire to me...


Oh man, I'm so glad this isn't the end. I literally binged the whole thing on Netflix and thought they really left me with that bittersweet cliffhanger. :'(

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    Not the series finale.  Though I see you already know that now.  There are 5 more episodes in January to complete season 4.  Those will end the series.

    I took the note as meaning that first, there is no "answer" being the culmination of Chidi's character arc.  He was the epitome of moral failing of indecision.  His obsession with making the perfect choice meant he made no choice.  He has evolved past that.

    The second part of the note, again this is my take and I have no idea if I'm right, is that Eleanor is HIS answer.  Meaning they aren't soul mates because soul mates don't exist, but she is the person he CHOSE over and over in life after life.  Even when he was incapable of making a choice, he chose HER.  So she is his answer.

    And I have a hunch it will carry a double entendre when we see the system they design.  The system he makes will likely be inspired by Eleanor's moral failings in her first life that she grew out of.  

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    That wasn’t the series finale. It was just the winter finale. It returns January 9th for the last 5 episodes. January 30th will be the series finale 

    But the answer is Eleanor I guess Is just meaning so he remembers Eleanor

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