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HELP? TV show where There was a psychopath girl, and at one point she tripped her "friend" on the sidewalk, then said sorry and her and...?

She and I think some other girls hid in her closet at night and made the girl go outside, where they attacked her and then at one point the evil girls dad is watching an old home video of his daughter and the policeman walks into his living room, and the dad says "she was so little/innocent", something like that and goes onto talk about how one time she drowned her hamster, and then towards the end the evil girl is attacking a little boy outside and the dad sees her and as she goes to pick up a rock to hit the boys head, the dad pushes her into the wall, but she hits a nail sticking out or something and ends up dying??? I watched this show when I was little, around midnight in the late 2000s, maybe ultra early 2010s? And I've been trying to find it for years. I dont know if it's a movie or if it was a CSI/ Criminal Minds episode, can someone help me??

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