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Kyle asked in SportsBaseball · 10 months ago

Another offseason of Broke Ricketts coming for the Cubs?

some reports are circulating that the Ricketts told agents they can't negotiate with "low level" free agents until salary clears.

this is pathetic. he never wants to spend money to win.

i wouldn't be surprised if fans boo the cubs when they take on the home opener, especially if Tom is on the field.

winter meetings start this week in san diego, so who knows what will happen.

earlier this month it was reported they opened negotiations with Baez to extend him, for whatever that means. but if they low ball him, i wouldn't be surprised if he does what Bryant is doing, and max out arbitration years before going to free agency. it just looks bad all around and if it's a repeat of last winter, is very frustrating.


Rhodes:  Theo's strength comes from building a farm system. drafting bryant, baez, contreras, trading rizzo early on, arrieta, etc. besides lester, he never really landed a good FA that lived up to the contract.  

plus, Ricketts was about renovating Wrigley and Wrigleyville.  that was his five year project since he bought the team. it's been said from Ricketts last winter that there isn't any money.  and again this winter they can't spend even on low level free agents

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    "he never wants to spend money to win".


    Which team have you been watching the last 5 years? Ricketts has been more than willing to spend money. The problem is that his idiot CEO, Theo Jewstein, has blown it all on sh!t.

    Jason Heyward has averaged 135 games with a .252 average, 12 homers and 55 RBI in his 4 years with the team, and Rickett's is on the hook for another 4 years and $86M to this waste of a life. And a boy touted for his defense hasn't won a Gold Glove the last 2 years because he's made 8 errors.

    Fat Boy Lester has at least a year and $30M left on his contract. That's right, the Cubs will have to pay him $10|M to go away after this season. Over the last 3 years the chubby pr!ck has 4.16 ERA and hasn't come close to 200 IP. $20M+ should get more than what Lester's given the team since '17.

    Fans were cheering Yu Suck the 2nd half of last season, but the guy was 4-4. Is a .500 pitcher worth $20.25M a year? That's what the Cubs will pay him through 2023.

    No one wanted the Bearded Lady last season so Epstein gave him $10M to throw 9 gopher balls in 20 innings of work. And the team is stuck with him for another 2 years, when he'll make $33M. The Cubs could have kept Aroldis Chapman for that kind of scratch.

    Then you have Brandon Morrow ($21M for 22 saves), Tyler Chatwood ($38M, 132 walks allowed in 180 innings pitched), and Daniel Descalso ($5M, 82 games, .173 average).

    Every free agent Epstein has signed has hurt the team. A better question would be why does that cucksocker still have a job?

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