Owner of a condo in a building with a hostile board: tell them I'm moving?

I own a condo in a building with, in my view, a very bad board. The property manager controls (and sits on) the board and the board hides what it does. I guess that the property manager is getting a good deal, but I don't have evidence.

But some owners dislike the board and the board hates a lot of owners who've questioned the board's lack of transparency. The board even put up audio and video-recording cameras in front of some owners' front doors, to monitor them, as the board hates them. (One board member said so.) I'm one of those owners.

I've had it and am moving. Nothing's definite; I still have to close on the new property I'm buying, and it could be a month or two.

Good idea to go ahead and tell the board I'm moving?

The board is just itching to find fault with some owners--thus the audio and video monitoring.

I know that the board will fine me and do whatever it can to harm me, no matter what I do. But maybe they'll back off if they know I'm moving?

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  • 2 months ago
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    If you owe outstanding money to the HOA, that will get pulled as part of your sales process.  It's not like you can run away without paying.

    Besides that, the board will figure out that you intend to move when you put your unit up for sale.  Unless, you aren't planning on selling, you will need to get permission from the HOA to rent.  I suppose you could keep it empty and no one would care, as long as you pay your dues/bills. 

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    • A Hunch
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      If it's FSOB & not using anything that touches the MLS, they still need to find a potential buyer that will likely involve a sign. Of course, he has the option sell it to all these companies that say "I'll buy your house for cash" but it doesn't seem like he needs a fire sale, so why would he?

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  • 2 months ago

    Why would they fine you, you are allowed to sell your condo.

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  • 2 months ago

    Wait, the property manager is on the board? Are they also an owner? Massive conflict of interest. Read your bylaws. Normally only unit owners can sit on the board.

    You have no obligation to tell them you are moving. So why would you?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I live in a condo, which I own, in a building that belongs to a community with an HOA.

    If I was going to move, I wouldn't feel any obligation to notify the board.

    You say "I know that the board will fine me". What will they fine you for?

    I've never heard of a board fining someone for moving.

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  • Frank
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    2 months ago

    Recording is illegal in many areas...personally I would have FUN with the recording cameras...nobody actually sits and monitors these things...start F#CKING with them.

    Don't tell these f#ckers anything. Get a lawyer.

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