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the attitude of Japan people about foreigners?

I'm living in turkey now and looking for a study abroad. I just find a scholarship in Japan. And I personally feel close to Japan. So I have concerns about this situation. Are Japanese people careless about foreigners and excluding them?

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  • Quinn
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    10 months ago
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    You are being too general in your attitude. Anywhere you go in this world, you will meet good and bad people. To say all Japanese don't like foreigners is no different than those people who say all Muslims are terrorists.

    Some Japanese do not want to associate with foreigners and the reasons varies from dislike of foreigners to simply not knowing how to behave towards one. The latter is due to that fact that all aspect of Japanese customs and behavior is fairly ritualized - any Japanese know what to say or respond with another Japanese - it's in fact very predictable which is another aspect of Japanese culture in that the Japanese are a people who find comfort and security in the predictability of social interaction. Going outside of the norm makes them very uncomfortable, so most of them avoid such situations. And it is a rare thing to find a foreigner who not only speak the language, but actually know how to behave as they do. .

    Another aspect of Asian culture and not just the Japanese is that they take the wait and see attitude when it comes to whether someone is accepted. By this I mean instead of welcoming a stranger into their circle and then kick them out if he does not meet with their approval, a Japanese will generally wait until you do prove yourself before you are let into their social circle. And that period of evaluation is not just a few weeks or months, but could take years. Nevertheless, this is not a steadfast rule. There will always be exceptions.

    The question you should ask yourself is whether this close feeling you claim to have for Japan is deep enough and worth the effort to seek out the good.in the face of possibly meeting the bad. If someone from Japan were to ask the same question about Turkey, what would you say to them? Don't come because there are bad nasty people who hate foreigners? Or...

  • Bob
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    10 months ago

    What I can tell you is that my best friend went to Turkey on a cycling holiday when he was 17. He was  sleeping in his tent one night and someone came in and cut his throat to steal his belongings.

    What I can tell you is that my neighbour here in the UK is a Turkish woman and she told me that she had to leave Turkey because she didn't agree with the Muslim rules about how women are treated and her brother told her that he will kill her if she ever returns.

    What I can tell you is that I lived in Japan for nearly 20 years and although I met some people who were rude to foreigners, most are very welcoming and I never heard of a tourist being murdered while they were sleeping or someone threatening to murder their sister because they disagreed with the religion.

    What I can tell you from my own personal experience is that you are much much more likely to have a bad time as a foreigner in Turkey than you are in Japan. You will be safe and will not have to fear for your life if you visit Japan as a student.

    What I can also tell you is that you should never use 'san' to talk about yourself. Calling yourself 'Gorukemu San' is wrong and sounds very strange. You use 'san' to talk about *other* people, never yourself.

  • 10 months ago

    The Japanese are very polite people. They live on a small island and their culture is very concerned with making good relationships with the people around them. That doesn't mean they accept you. They are quite opposed to intercultural romances, for example. 

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I've been to Japan 3 times, each time, the people were VERY NICE. I am Palestinian but currently living in the USA. I went to Tokyo. All in all, they were very nice people. I think your worries are just something everyone would have when moving to a new country.

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