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Now that Chiefs equipment was diverted to New Jersey instead of Boston, could they have played without it  or no?

Chiefs discovered that an equipment container full of helmets, shoulder pads, and footballs was not unloaded when the team landed in Boston for their game against the Patriots. Yes, we’re all going to want to blame Bill Belichick for this subterfuge, but the truth is far more mundane. Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the container wan’t unloaded from the plane, which then made its way to New Jersey.

How, you may ask, can such a thing happen when every NFL team has multiple equipment managers, and everything is supposed to be dialed in? Per Matt Derrick of ChiefsDigest.com, the airline didn’t unload one of the containers when the Chiefs arrived on Saturday. While equipment managers generally set everything up on Saturday night for a Sunday game, Kansas City’s staff couldn’t do so because of the state championship games played at Gillette Stadium.

Derrick also reported that the equipment has arrived at the stadium and will be loaded in shortly.

If that hadn’t happened, per NFL rules, the Chiefs would have had to forfeit the game, and the Patriots would have come away with a 2-0 win.

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    It's amazing how often things like this always seem to happen at Gillette Stadium when they don't happen anywhere else. Maybe they shouldn't schedule a home NFL game the day after high school games. Teams go to Gillette and showers don't work, communications don't work, balls end up altered, teams find their dressing rooms broken into, etc.

  • David
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    8 months ago

    Play without protective equipment? That's a sure recipe for disaster!

  • Da
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    8 months ago

    It doesn't matter.

    The referee officials gave the Chiefs the game by taking 2 TDs away from the Patriots with bad officiating.

    The officials who make bad calls should be fined. If the bad calls are frequent, they should be fired.

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