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Neighbor in church pew is world famous, but hasn't mentioned his fame: OK to mention it?

The guy who sits in the pew in front of me every Sunday doesn't say much, other than hello during the passing of the peace during the worship service.  But he's there every Sunday, so I introduced myself and asked his name.

When I went home, I Googled him.  Turns out he's a world-famous artist, with 140,000 likes on his Facebook page, rave reviews around the world for his one-man museum exhibit that has been shown around the world, glowing reviews from the press, UN honors, etc.

I had no idea; I'm not artistic.  He seems really nice, based on an interview I saw on YouTube after I looked him up.  Apparently he's reclusive, unmarried (I guess gay) and kind of a free spirit.

OK to mention that I know what he does, now that I do?  Such as, "After you mentioned your name, I came across your name and put two and two together.  It's wonderful to have such a famous leader also be a Christian."?

Or just not mention anything?


Thanks.  We have NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING in common except both being members of the same church (which is a big thing in common, admittedly). So I don't know what to say to him- likely nothing.

Update 2:

Thanks for the responses.  I'll be sure never to mention anything work-related, or ask him what he does for a living.  He seems nice, but never says anything other than "hello"--to anyone.

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    I would not say anything. A reclusive artist probably cherishes the time as just a regular person not being approached or cozied up to just because of who he is. And don’t out him to other members of the church.

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    i dont see anything wrong with mentioning that to him

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    Don't say anything.  He just wants to worship quietly and privately and not be hassled by fans.

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    I wouldn't mention it.  He probably gets it all the time and it's probably refreshing when he doesn't. 

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