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can you clean the inside of a carburetor by letting it soak in carburetor fluid over night? or will that ruin the rubber seals?

talking about small carburetors that find on small engines, or even small 2 stroke engines. can you just take the carburetor off and let them soak in a bowl of carburetor fluid over night and that will make them work as good as new?

why some say that will ruin the rubber seals, but yet even my local lawn mower repair shop said that they do this. (actually not sure if the person was telling me the true or not, but she worked there and was telling me something that "not everybody knew" about how they repair stuff)



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    Soaking your carburetor in carburetor cleaner which is the kind that you spray into the carburetor will eat your seals. The stuff is not made as a soaking fluid it's made to get rid of gum and dirt it's very strong it's made for momentary contact. Use kerosene. That should not eat the seals and it will accomplish the same purpose

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    No, but if  you stop by small engine shop they may put it in their ultrasonic cleaner for a cycle (about 10-15 minutes) for a small fee.

    Lately I have been finding acceptable replacement carbs on amazon for very reasonable prices (10-15 usd) just replaced the carb on my yard machine 5hp mulcher, one pull and it started and ran great - the whole carb was not much more expensive than a carb rebuild kit.

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    Small engine carbs need to have the carb bowl taken off and the jets sprayed with carb cleaner spray and blown out with compressed air. Many times the o-ring for the needle and seat that the float pushes to stop the gas flow becomes swollen due to ethanol in gasoline and the gas can't pass into the carb bowl. Some carbs the o-ring can be replaced in. I had an old Ariens snow blower that I used to take a small drill bit and ream the o-ring by hand to open it up enough to pass gasoline into the bowl. You may have to reset the float level if the gasoline overflows the bowl after reaming the o-ring.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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