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How do I fire realtor ? ?

So bf and I of 9 years broke up for about 2 months . During those two months like in September , I was going to purchase a home . We began looking at homes in October & then this month I was about to place an offer for a house . This weekend ex bf and I talked and realized we missed each other and wanted to get back together and I woold move back in with him . Now I feel bad because I no longer need a home & I really like my realtor and I feel like I wasted his time 

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    You never hired this person so you can't fire them. You only worked with him. Tell him your plans have changed and you are out of the market. If you were happy working with him, tell him so. Let him know the situation, and if things change, you will let him know, and in the meantime, give the guy some word of mouth advertising.

    You only hire someone you enter into a contract with. When you sell, you hire the listing broker/agent. As a buyer, you can hire a buyer's agent by signing a contract where you pay them if you buy and the seller does not pay them. Most buyers do not.

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    You don't 'fire' them.

    You just let them know that your circumstances have changed, and you won't be proceeding with a purchase at this time; but you'll keep their details for the future.

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    Changing circumstances of clients is a common occurrence for realtors.

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    You should write your realtor a nice review.  It would be courteous (but unnecessary) for you to purchase a gift certificate ($100) for him/her.

    You are able to date someone and live in separate places.

    Are you sure that you want to give up home buying because you and your ex are trying to give it a "go"?

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    just tell him the truth, that you dont need a place right not

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    Peoples' circumstances change all the time. Just tell him you changed your mind. He'll get over it.

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