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I have Bipolar and I am in a mania right now, I feel great, purchased a car, and haven't slept. How long till I may crash?

I feel so great now and I love everyone, it is such an amazing feeling.

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    I strongly urge you to call your own medical doctor about this. 

    I'll never forget the Bipolar gentleman whom I admitted who bought an Alfa Romero, a boat and a luxury travel trailer all in one afternoon....none of which he could afford but he signed on the line while he was manic.

  • Layne
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    10 months ago

    There is more to mania than that.  You could be hypomanic,  meaning that you have a symptom or two of mania but mania is a really intense series of mishaps and self-destructive tendencies that are troubling and apparent.  If these are the case you could be put on a hold or longer depending on your circumstances.  First and foremost,  contact your doctor.

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    You might want to go to the health food store or on Amazon supplement section and get yourself something called “lithium orotate.”

    It’s a much much safer alternative to the kind of lithium that psychiatrists give people who are bipolar because the prescription carbonate form is a known neurotoxin to various organs (including the brain) and endocrine glands in your body which given enough time can ruin your life for many years to come or even kill you with total kidney failure (take my word for the “ruin your life” part)  ...a “nasty drug” according to some uncommonly honest doctors I spoke with about it...a substance that ought to be outlawed like many psychiatric drugs but for some reason is not. (Even though many decades ago it was actually an ingredient of the soft drink 7-Up that was then taken out and made illegal as a food additive because it was considered too dangerous, Since people died from excessive amounts of it...But they still allow it to be given in capsule form as a ‘psychiatric drug’ for bipolar affective disorder. Go figure...) 

    So yeah, lithium orotate has the same efficacy as lithium carbonate. It just won’t ruin your body and your brain. You might want to look into it. It might help you calm down. If indeed you actually are bipolar. Or are you just self diagnosing yourself that way? 

    Because there are other conditions which share symptomology with bipolar disorder. People commonly get diagnosed with it who may not necessarily have it. You could even be dealing with the situation of excessive thyroid hormone. You might even want to consult with a naturopath.

    Anyway, the symptoms of certain thyroid issues can be similar to those of bipolar disorder and sometimes people are given psych drugs when in fact they just need to get their thyroid issues sorted out. 

    But since psychiatrists have stopped being doctors and are now finding it more lucrative to act as full-time drug dealers for Big Pharma, they’re not going to even consider that. Or if they do, they’re not going to recommend you get tested for it because they just want to sell you more psych drugs and more office visits.

    So just be aware that you may not be bipolar. Borderline personality disorder and even PTSD share symptomology with bipolar affective disorder as well. It’s not always as clear-cut as you might think.

     But if you indeed do have it, the lithium orotate might actually help. Let us know what happens. And yeah,  if you are bipolar you sure as hell do need to sleep. Pretty crucial for anybody but particularly those with bipolarity.In fact there are some who believe that bipolar affective disorder is actually at its core a sleep disorder. Just be aware of that. 

    I know it feels good to be expansively floating along like that And that your creativity and your sudden insights into the nature of reality are incredible and unique but  you can make a lot of irresponsible decisions and cause yourself a lot of misery in that condition. Eventually, anyway. You find out later on.  When you come down and the delayed effect hits you, when you look back on the damage from the ill-advised romantic liaisons, squandering of money, trusting predatory people who are taking advantage of your condition right now without your awareness,etc. Then you’re not going to feel so hot. Take it from me. 

  • Andy C
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    You know that it's fake, right?

    All hallucination and the piper will come, calling.

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  • justin
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    10 months ago

    it depends on th eperson. but don't let ur feelings make u do stupid stuff liek that car.

  • 10 months ago

    You will find out.....just like the last time.

  • 10 months ago

    hopefully you wont crash

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    When you read the correct answer to your question.

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